For home and water heating, fireplaces, and more, propane outperforms other energy sources hands down.


By installing high-efficiency propane appliances instead of electric, you can save hundreds in annual energy costs.


Propane can power the kind of high-end, high-performance, longer-lasting appliances you want for your home.

See What Propane Can Do For You

Comfort. Savings. Sustainability. And a home you’ll be proud to live in for many happy years to come. Propane Can Do That®. To show you just how easy it is to add the performance of propane to your new home, we added it to ours. We built our “Propane Showcase Home” from the ground up right here in the Rockies, so you could see the entire process from beginning to end. It’s the perfect way to discover how much more you’ll love living in your new, all-propane home.

  1. Choosing Propane
  2. Your Propane Tank 
  3. Propane Home Prep 
  4. Your Housewarming 
  5. Building Your Propane Home

See Our Propane Showcase Home Progress

From the first initial planning meeting to the first housewarming party, we’re documenting and sharing the progress on the all-propane showcase home. You can follow along as we highlight the many benefits of including propane in a new home, and how both the builder and local propane supplier were such great partners throughout process. Check back often as we add more videos and photos, and learn how your builder and local supplier can help you add propane to your new home.

Planning On Propane

Building a home is an exciting time, and of all the choices you make, your home’s energy source is one of the most important. Propane is the smart choice, if you’re interested in efficiency, comfort, a lower carbon footprint, or lower energy bills. Your builder and your local propane supplier are great resources you can rely on to get your home started the right way.

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Your Propane Tank

Once you’ve made the decision to power your new home with clean, efficient and reliable energy from propane, you’ll need to decide where to install your tank. There are a few key considerations to take into account and your builder and your propane supplier are great resources to use when making this decision.

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Propane Home Prep

As your house starts to take shape, the plumbing that will allow propane to power your home is being installed. Know your builder and local propane supplier are making conscious and smart decisions to make your house as efficient and safe as possible.

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Your Housewarming

Now that your dream home is built, it’s time to enjoy every detail you, your builder, and your propane supplier put into it. Share your new space with your friends and family and see how easy it is to entertain with propane.

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Building your propane home

When you choose propane, not only are you lowering your energy bills and your carbon footprint, you’re also getting expert help in building your new home. From planning, to construction, to purchasing appliances, your local propane supplier will be there to help you make smart decisions along the way.

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